Our Mission

Welcome to Very Important Teens of America!

V.I.T.’s Mission:

Defeating Teens Inactivity by improving the environment and providing positive activity for Teens in and around Rockdale County, Ga.

V.I.T.’s Vision:

Working with Teens to offer a successful game plan to set and meet goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle through mentorship programs and activities

Very Important Teens of America can help teens to develop

  • Healthy Life skills
  • Self- Esteem
  • Etiquette
  • Talent
  • Improve Activity
  • And more all for Teens

Benefits of V.I.T.

  • Membership / Sense of Belonging
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Game Plan
  • Leadership Classes
  • Support to Defeat Inactivity
  • Positive Changes in Habits

Why Teens should join V.I.T. of America!

Teens will love the activities we have to offer and become motivated and inspired through many ways including:

  • Focused on areas of interest
  • Consistent in Activity
  • Have lots of fun learning
  • Positive interest during and after school
  • Less likely to just sit on the couch
  • Learn healthy self-esteem and more