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Dear V.I.T Usher of Hope Partner,

Very Important Teens of America invites you to become A V.I.T Usher of Hope, A Sponsors, Mentors, & Volunteers for Inactive Teenagers grades 6-12. Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 teenagers are inactive every single day. We know that V.I.T of America is a benefit to help provide the needed assistance to motivate & support teens and pre-teens. By providing our teens with fun and exciting events, partnering with local area schools, parks, and other facilities to introduce a way to defeat inactivity. We also motivate positive self- esteem and more. We are working to provide a State of the Art Expression Center as a tool to provide the additional guidance. As you may be aware our teens are now crossing the lines of influence, peer and parental pressure, challenges, and all sorts of new responsibilities. All Contributions provided will be used to provide teens with tools and a facility used to develop and structure a game plan to ignite or spark potential. Your commitment will assure the success of V.I.T. of America and our Launch of Phase 1”.

I have been the primary source for funding Very Important Teens of America and also the support of the men and women that love & support me. We have been working for over ten years assisting our youth and have outgrown our current space and ability to reach. We are seeking the support of our community & corporate sponsors such as yourself and others to assist us fulfilling our purpose & our Exciting Mission. Thank you for joining us we look forward to providing Teen assistance in Newton County GA our community, I grew up here too, and things are really different for teenagers, we will assist to add growth, with Very Important Teens of America.

Thank you for your Support

My Best Regards,

Tiki Clark


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