About Us

Here at Very Important Teens of America we strive to  successfully stimulate: Creativity, Ignite Passion , Activity , Motion, Focus, Endurance, Education , Integrity , Faith, Determination , Honor , Skill, Respect, Loyalty, Confidence, Teamwork & Virtue.

Very Important Teens of America, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity founded in Newton County, Georgia. Designed to defeat Teenage Inactivity for grades 6 -12.

What will teens do with V.I.T.?

Teens will participate in a minimum of 20 hours of monthly discussion, activities, field trips, camps and community service. Mentors will guide teens through positive discussion and lesson plans to assist in the development of life skills.

We expect teens to gain focus and improve on gaining experience in our society going forward into a more positive and productive future.
Very Important Teens of America can help teens to develop:

  • Healthy Life skills
  • Mannerism
  • Etiquette
  • Talent
  • And more all for Teens

Benefits of V.I.T.:

  • Membership
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Game Plan
  • Leadership Classes
  • Support to Defeat Inactivity
  • Positive Changes in Routine

Teens will love the activities and engage, inspire, and motivate themselves to becoming:

  • Focused on areas of interest
  • Consistent in Activity
  • Have lots of fun learning
  • Positive interest after school
  • Less likely to just sit on the couch
  • Learn healthy self-esteem and more